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Living the Adventrpreneur Life means living life on your terms....and impacting others along the way.

 For us...that meant taking our laptop biz & story to the road in an RV. To collect experiences, rather than things. We wanted more time with family to create memories every single day...rather than having to go to a job.  

We find that most Adventrpreneurs also want to travel & create new experiences, but many want to just work from the comfort of their own home & want more time with each other. 

We leave that part up to you.

Our goal is to encourage, motivate, and help you become successful with the right tools and training along the way! 
That Day We Bought The Truck
Written by Robert Thomas on May 2nd 2018
Man, it feels good to just sit down and just write. 📝

I've been totally slacking on my writing game lately because we've spent everyday trying to map out the next chapter of our lives.

It's insane how much your life can change in just a few years.

You see...

Early May of 2016 looked COMPLETELY different for us:

- I was still stuck working a job that I hated
- I was crawling around town in a beat up old Dodge
- We were scraping together our extra change just to purchase groceries.

But, I had a clear vision of what I wanted for our future.

✅ A future where I was able to start each day with the freedom to work WHEREVER I wanted.

✅ A future where my family had fresh food daily.

✅ And a future where we had a safe vehicle that we could enjoy.

And today...'s HAPPENING. you may know, the last few weeks have been INSANE. We've been mapping out the next chapter of our lives & putting all the pieces together for our next chapter.

Here's what's been going on:

Step 1). We sold our house & setup base in KC to be with family & plan the adventure.

Step 2). Find the truck

Step 3). Go get the 5th wheel.

Step 4). Point to somewhere on the map and go!

Ok, there's a few more logistics than that, but we're getting there!

And today...

...we checked off steps 1 & 2.

We purchased our dream truck!

A Chevy Silverado 3500HD Diesel LTZ. 😁

The same truck I had on my dream board. The same truck I envisioned my family in. The same truck I've been praying about.

Turns out...our little laptop biz is working.

The same biz I almost gave up on a few years back. The same biz that nobody thought would work.

I realized that if I just kept going...if I just got around enough other people that were doing...if I could just keep generating enough leads...

...eventually it would work.

The truth is... really can live the life of your dreams.

And it can happen FAST.

Even if you think you don't deserve it. Even if you think it's too hard. And even if everyone around you thinks your crazy.

Ok, so I'd love to know...

What's your DREAM vehicle? 🤔

Drop a picture below...I'm curious! 👇

Bye for now,
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Our First Day Of The Adventure
Written by Robert Thomas on Apr. 28th 2018
Day 1 of the Adventure... Dude’s Day at the Royals game. ⚾️

We've been hanging out at my parent's house for a little bit while we shop for the perfect truck & RV. We decided to make the purchase in KC because it will be close to family & center location to the country. That way, if we ever break down, we'll be central to almost everywhere in the US.

Quick Tip: 

Try to purchase your house on wheels near family or friends. That way, if you ever have some repairs or warranty work done, you might be able to shack up with someone you know while your house is repaired.

What we've learned:

Be patient. If & when you decide to transition to the RV're going to go down some rabbit holes. It's important that you don't rush in with emotions to the first RV you find. It takes time to find the one that perfectly matches your needs. 

Here are some resources where we've had success shopping:

1). Find The RV that's right for you. Is it a Class A, B, C, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer? The options are endless & can be overwhelming. Here's a quiz that helped us.
2). Find your specific RV.
This was our platform for searching the country for the perfect RV.

So anyways...after 3 weeks of packing, traveling, & absolute craziness... was awesome being able to relax & have some good-ole-fashioned father son time. 😎

I learned awhile ago...

to take some time every weekend to just have fun. We work so hard on our businesses, but we gotta learn how to balance. I can almost guarantee you that you’ll come back refreshed, recharged, & more creative than ever. ⚡️

Bye for now,
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The Day We Got A Storage Unit (Our Thoughts)
Written by Robert Thomas on Apr. 27th 2018
So, today...

We moved all of the stuff that we just couldn't get rid of into a storage unit. (Sentimental stuff, hobbies, custom furniture, etc.).

Here's our takeaway though...when you're transitioning to this lifestyle...get rid of EVERYTHING. When you think you've gotten rid of enough, sell more.

You're transitioning to this lifestyle to be free, not to have a bunch of stuff, right?

After we packed that unit full, we thought to ourselves: "Man, we still have a bunch of crap." On top of that, we're paying almost $90/month for that stuff to just sit there.

Also, inside of this video: is why family is SOOO important. Enjoy!
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The Day We Sold & Started Our Adventure
Written by Robert Thomas on Apr. 26th 2018
That dance you do when you officially close on your 🏡...

Make 🏦...

And start going wherever the road leads you...💃🕺
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Our LAST Official Day In A Home
Written by Robert Thomas on Apr. 18th 2018
Alright, so today is our last official FULL day at the Thomas household. We're dialing in some last minute details, then tomorrow I leave for Vegas for a business conference.

(Perfect timing, right? 😁)

Then...I get back on Tuesday, & we move Wednesday! Yikes. Life would be boring if we weren't constantly pushing the limits, right?

For the past few weeks, we've been: Getting the vehicles ready for road trips. Packing & selling everything we don't need. Hanging out with people & saying our goodbyes. Crazy times right now, but it's also SUPER exciting.

That's what I wanted to talk about today. So many people go into hiding or put their businesses on hold when life starts getting nuts. Whether it be for good reasons or for bad. (I'm totally guilty of it).

I used to make excuses and say: "I can't do that right now" or "I need some time off until I take care of _____." And my business would be in this constant stay of STOP & GO....up & down. Like a roller coaster.

I had to remind myself that 1 of the main reasons I got started online was so I could be more FLEXIBLE. So that even when life started spinning out of control...our income would stay consistent. (What a blessing it is to have a mobile business that allows you to go through MAJOR life changes smoothly!) Rather than disappearing when things were really bad or crazy...I began to enroll people into our life & vision.

A lifestyle business also means that you're able to invite people to DO LIFE WITH YOU. Point being...bring people along for your journey. Enroll them into your vision. Even through the hard vulnerable about what's going on. That shows you're human & you're just like them.

Showing up every single day is one of my biggest pieces of advice for how to be successful online.

Bye for now,
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The Day We Decided To Start This Adventure
Written by Robert Thomas on Apr. 10th 2018
Updates on some BIG changes happening for the Thomas fam. 😁 Where we’ve been & where we’re going! 🚍

This is where it all started!
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