About Us
We are a family of 4, plus one dog, who wanted more out of life than just following the mundane way that society tells us to live. Rob & Aili (mom & dad)…then we have Tyce (4), and Ryder (1) and Peanut, our black lab.

We had the mortgage, we had the car payments, the jobs…then we started having the kids. We lived in beautiful Colorado, but realized quickly that we wanted to explore ALL of God’s amazing world & do it with each other. Without being strapped down to a life that we were "supposed" to live.

We knew that we only had ONE chance to raise our kids, & we wanted to make it special. So we decided that rather than collecting a bunch of stuff…

…we were going to SELL EVERYTHING, & start collecting memories & experiences instead. We bought a Fifth Wheel RV & truck in April of 2018, & we’ve been traveling ever since. 

Our goal is to enjoy each other and spend as much time together as we can – and wake up every singe day to a new adventure! To take our story across the country & change lives along the way.

We would love to have you ride along with us on our crazy journey we call Adventrpreneur Life…as we learn to live completely mobile & digital, how to navigate the open road, and continue to aim at peacefully and joyfully raising our kids! 

Our goal is to share our experience, inspire others to dream bigger, & show people how to transition into this challenging, but absolutely AMAZING lifestyle. :)

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